Since the end of 1901, the hunting castle of the forester Mickiewicz decorates the area in Baldone. It is always painted white, and therefore has its name. The castle and its beautiful park with exotic trees has always been well maintained. But in the First World War, the castle was converted into a hospital, later used as a tuberculosis pension, a military headquarters and for other purposes. After all, it was a hall for formal events. Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of many people, in 1985, the Baldone Music School was officially founded in the Palace and later, in 1993, also the Music Elementary School. The White Castle was renovated and is still surrounded by the park which was planted at the beginning of the 20th century. The park, with its rare plants, is recorded in the Latvian List of natural resources. The historical inner life of the castle has not survived because the prerequisites were used for school purposes.

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