The sulfur source is said to have the miraculous ability of the healing. For centuries, thousands of vacationers and patient came to Baldone to heal themselves. In historical documents, you can found evidence that already in the 15th century the leaders of the Teutonic order and the Riga nobles visited the source and called it "a source of youth". In the spring of 1795 the Baldone resort was established, which is the oldest resort in the Baltic States and one of the most famous and the largest in Europe. Even today, every inhabitant of Baldone and vacationers can visit the sulfur source and taste the sulfur water. The historical object is included in the national list of protected cultural monuments. The source of sulfur flows through places where it has contact with the peat and gypsiferous rock which are rich in hydrogen sulphide and carbonic acid. Their roots begin in the Kemeri well-known sources. The spring water is colorless and clear, has a bitter taste and a strong characteristic smell of eggs. The sulfur water is good for bathing, drinking, for flushing, inhalation and physiotherapeutic sessions.

Lilac park

The park in the sanatorium was founded in 1985. Lilacs, ornamental shrubs and flowers are planted here. In History it is said that the park was a popular meeting place and the Life here was full of Energy. In the spring, the spa guests arrived eight times a day, as prescribed by the doctor and drank a glass from the sulfur source.

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