The Mežaparks is one of the most beautiful, greenest and most trendy residential areas in Riga and a popular recreation area. When the Swedish king set up the camp of his army here in the 17th century, the Mežaparks was called Kings forest. In the course of time he was called Kaiser forest in the general public. The current name was given to this environment in 1923. In 1949, the spacious cultural and recreation park "Mežaparks" was opened. In the course of its formation and during the existence, one of the few compact forest masses in Riga was carefully preserved. Especially in the Mežaparks lies the large open-air stage of the Song Festival, which becomes one of the venues for the most important event in Latvian cultural life in four. Also the concerts of local and foreign artists take place on this stage. The Green Theater of Mežaparks hosts concerts and theater performances. On the event meadow at the open-air stage, large public events are held, such as Easter parties, opening of the summer season, the day of healthy living, activities of the forest days and many others. 

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