In the greenest district of Riga, in the Mežaparks ("Forest Park") on the banks of the Ķīšezers, more than 400 different animal species live together. This is a place where you can admire the colors and shapes of the animals, observe their behavior and caress the inhabitants of the farm. In addition to older buildings, the zoo can boast new and modern buildings - giraffe house, tropical house, farmhouse, tiger house and other buildings.

What can you do there?                                                                                                                               

  • get to know the inhabitants of the zoo;
  • admire the skill of the screw-drivers and Bukhara-Urial on the Goat mountain;
  • be surprised when visiting the magnificent tropical house;
  • the predators of the dog and cat family - the Amurian tiger, Mackenzie wolves, polar foxes and others admire;
  • admire the diligent work of the blade-cutting anemones;
  • please on tricks demonstrated by Robben;
  • look at many other animals and visit the traditional events

Ķeguma prospekts 28, Baldone
Baldones pilsēta, LV 2125, Lettland
Phone: +371 26 335 372 (ENG) +371 29 545 201 (LV)
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