In addition to fishing, hiking, biking or skiing, you can also go climbing in Latvia. In Latvia, you can visit one of our climbing centers, which is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. In the climbing halls, you can climb several meters along the artificial climbing wall. Of course, all our visitors get a suitable equipment for the security. Climbing is incredibly fun and exciting. Visit one of our halls and see for yourself.


If the easy, safe climbing walls are no more action enough for you, try bouldering. Unlike climbing, there is no safety equipment. So you climb, free along the artificial wall. Here, of course, especially good body control and courage is required. But now the climbing walls are not as high as the regular ones. Climbing without security gives you a special experience again. 

The "Falkors Boulderinga" Center, in Riga offers both types of climbing possibilities. If you are looking for suspense, then you are in the right place.


If you are only looking for a climbing tower outside, you should definitely look at the "Gandrs" climbing tower in Riga. Visitors are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and willpower. They climb a 12-meter artificial climbing tower along. Even if the tower is outside, you have the possibility to climb during the whole year.


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