If you would like to relax and enjoy nature, you can go fishing. It is one of the most beautiful recreational activities in the nature. You can enjoy your sport by trying to catch a particularly splendid fish, while at the same time you have the opportunity to enjoy the nature and chirping of the birds. It is important to note that a fishing card is necessary for fishing in Latvia. These are sold in all specialized fishing and hunting businesses as well as at local post offices. When you go fishing you should have the fishing card as well as the identity card with you. The rules are laid down in Latvia by the Fishing Law. In Latvia, there are both public waters where you can fish without restrictions, as well as private water areas where an owner's permission to fish is required. There are also individual river and lake sections, where fishing is permitted only with a special license.

Ice fishing is particularly popular in winter. As soon as the rivers and lakes freeze, the time of the Ice fisher begins. 

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