The artwork, wrapped in granite and copper, symbolizes the Latvian state, unity of the people, the desire of the Latvian people for independence and freedom. The monument of freedom was erected to commemorate the soldiers who had been killed in the fighting of freedom, and on November 18th 1935, according to the design of the Kārlis Zāle "Light as a Star!". It was built with the help of donations from the people. The concept of freedom monument formulates the idea of ​​independence. The composition of the 42.7-meter high monument consists of fifty-six sculptures arranged in thirteen groups, which forms four levels. The words "For Fatherland and Freedom!" are carved in the foot of the monument. On the top of the Obelisk stands the 9-meter-high Statue of Liberty - a young woman holding three golden stars above her head, a symbol of the unity of the three Latvian cultural-historical regions. Nowadays there is an honorary guard at the monument which symbolizes the independence of Latvia.

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